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We're your typical bunch of VW fanatics! Like you, we know that the aircooled Volkswagen is more than just a car... Having one is not for the faint of heart. It's a lifestyle change. An obsession. There is nothing quite like owning an aircooled car. It's a vehicle with Personality.

  It's a member of the family. It's another mouth to feed. It's an extension of yourself, a way to express yourself in a sea of passionless cars that are nothing more than simple transportation. Point A to B, sure, but is it FUN? Are you a part of something greater?

Owning, driving, and supporting an aircooled VeeDub is truly an adventure, whether you drive a Bug, Ghia, Bus, Thing, Notch -  It just doesn't matter. From that familiar, loving FWEEEEEM to the barely adequate heater, to the 1600cc motor zipping you to the supermarket, air-cooled is the way to go!

Even if your VW love affair ranges from Baja to Resto-custom to 100% stocker, or heck even a brand spankin' new New Beetle Turbo, the experience that is VW Welcomes you...

The Killeen Volksclub represents a group from Killeen, Copperas Cove, Belton, and Fort Hood.

For Club information, contact Ted Strother! He'll help you on your way!

Copyright 2002 Killeen Volksclub. For more information on the KVC, contact Ted Strother

This site is not affiliated with VWAG or VWOA. It is strictly for the purpose of entertainment.